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Providing Solutions for Indoor Air Quality in Tomball, TX

Our HVAC technicians at Airtime believe that there is so much more to your home's HVAC system than making hot air cold and cold air hot. That is why we offer services focusing on indoor air quality in Tomball, TX. Today's modern high-efficiency systems control humidity and regulate fresh air as needed into your home. A major concern today is Sick Building Syndrome. There are many products on the market today that claim to lower airborne irritants, VOCs, and pollutants from the indoor air, but how are you to choose?

Airtime has years of experience in solving dust, allergy and smell problems in residential and commercial applications. Let us help you with yours TODAY!

RFG's Guardian Air with REMI Technology

Airtime's Two Step System for the Absolute Best Indoor Air Quality

System for Indoor Air Quality Filter for Indoor Air Quality


Get Both the Guardian Air REMI and 5" Media Filter Installed for only $995.00*

Already have a Media Filter?

Guardian Air REMI – $795.00 Installed

*Horizontal attic installation, single return duct connection to furnace/air handler unit only. Restrictions apply, call office for details. Offer not valid for commercial units or multi-family properties.

Indoor Air Quality Testing in Tomball, TX

When you are unsure about the quality of the air in your home or business; it is imperative that you receive indoor air quality testing in Tomball, TX, from the team at Airtime A/C & Heating. The team at our HVAC company has the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to give you an accurate idea of just how clean or not the air in your space actually is to breathe.

When the quality of the air you breathe is low, then you are more susceptible to a variety of different health problems. This can include problems with asthma, allergies, breathing, coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, among other issues. By understanding that low air quality is the cause, or at the very least adding to these problems, you can begin to do something about them.

Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Services

Now that you know that the air quality in your home or office needs some help thanks to our testing services, it is time to make the necessary changes to improve the air you breathe. We offer a wide selection of indoor air quality services designed to help you get the results you are after efficiently and effectively.

Whether we are adding state-of-the-art filters or purification systems, you can turn to us for the indoor air quality services you need. We make it simple to breathe easier.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for an indoor air quality test. We serve clients located throughout the Tomball, Texas, area.